SecureKin Review: Best App to Control Your Kids Screen Time

Parental control app these days are popular because of the easy-going features and facilities that makes it easier for parents to monitor their kid. Teenagers and minors need special attention from their parents, especially in the digital age, and nothing more than a trustworthy app can help them parent. SecureKin is a trustworthy and reliable app that offers remote access to kids’ lives through their cell phones. Both Android and iPhone can be monitored as the SecureKin app supports the popular operating systems. The installation is very simple and the versatile packages and features make it one of the prime choices for parents to use as a teen monitoring tool. Here is what you need to know about the amazing features of the app.

Features of the SecureKin app

Real-Time Location

Real-time-geo location tracking feature reports about the live location of the kids at any given time. You can confirm whether they are really at school or skipping school and partying anywhere. The feature is extremely useful in tracking the kids in case of no contact. Parents can even track the stolen or lost devices of the kids by tracking the live location of the gadget. So in short it is one of the best features offered by the SecureKin.


The Web filtering or blocking feature allows parents to remotely block unwanted or triggering stuff from their kids’ devices. So if your kid is depressed or has anxiety you can simply block any kind of suicidal or depressed stuff from the kid’s device. The same filter feature can be used to stop the exposure of kids to age-inappropriate content.

Browsing History

Browsing history records all the websites visited by the kids, along with the bookmark feature. You can know what type of web content is liked by the kid and if it is beneficial or harmful for the kids.

Screen Time

The screen time feature lets the parents know about their kid’s overall screen time. Parents get aware of whether their kids are screen-addicted or not with the help of this feature. Even the start and ending time spent on any app is recorded and notified to the user by the app.

Activity Report

Get the full activity report of the kids and know how they spend their screen time with the gadgets. Know if the kids are spending too much time playing games or chatting with strangers or friends on social media platforms. All the stuff is recorded with date and time information.

App Block

Block all the unwanted apps and make the online experience positive and healthy for the kids. Teenagers have curious minds, so anything forbidden might grab their attention. The app block feature makes it easy for parents to encourage positive and healthy use of digital platforms.

Location History

Manage the timeline of the kid’s whereabouts by having remote access to all the places visited by the kids. The location history feature saves the record of the places visited by the kids and notifies them about each and everything to the parents.


Get the keylogger feature and you will be worry-free about any keypad-related activity of the kids which is pretty much everything. All the keystroke record is saved on the portal, including passwords and other important credentials. So even if the kid has a private Whatsapp group chat encrypted with a password, you can crack the code and know what kind of chat happens in that group.


Having access to an app that has user user-friendly interface is a big blessing. Many parents leave the idea of using a parental control app just because they think of it as a complicated process. The SecureKin app has a simple friendly user interface so anyone can use it even non-tech parents. Another benefit of the SecureKin app is that it is economical so even if you are looking to use an app for a whole year it will not cost you that much money. The app offers customer care support so any issue while installing the app or any questions about the features or the app can be asked directly from the professionals.


There can be some technical issues in real-time notifications. Moreover, too much dependence on the parental control app is not right. Try to communicate regularly openly and discuss with the kids about real and digital life issues and offer support and guidance.

Get your favorite bundle today and enjoy the amazing services of the app.

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